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Shot blasting of resinous surfaces

Our team can perform shot blasting of any type of resinous surface: acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy and epoxy-polyurethane. Our professional machinery allows us to provide renewal services on even the most damaged floors — the floor will look as good as new after the work has been completed!

Why choose this service?

Even though these surfaces are exceptionally durable, with time they still exhibit cracks, fractures and stains. In most cases shot blasting of resinous coatings allows for the removal of all such imperfections.

Advantages of this method

The main goal of resin shot blasting is the renewal of the floor surface. Under the influence of abrasive material particles of rust and dirt, as well as the top layer of the floor are removed. This way we:

  • reveal the undamaged floor layer,
  • remove cracks and holes,
  • make the entire floor surface coarse and uniform.

    The significant advantage of this method is the fact that we do not have to deal with harmful dust emissions.