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Usage of cold milling machines

For many years our company has performed comprehensive concrete treatment services using proven and up-to-date technologies and tools. Our offer also includes milling services that utilize cold milling machines. It is one of many types of floor finishing which allows for achieving smooth surfaces.

This process is performed by specialist multiple-tooth tools. These are put into motion that causes machine cutting of a surface and, as a result, surface smoothing. The machine’s power and type is adjusted to the type of treated surface — it’s structure and hardness. Our company utilizes modern equipment that allows for milling at a depth of 1 to 10 cm.

Advantages of cold milling machines

short implementation times — achieved due to the selection of proper machinery driven by experienced operators,
minimized dust emission — our company utilizes machinery equipped with an additional industrial vacuum cleaner that absorbs all generated dust, which makes subsequent cleaning much easier,
ability to remove even the most severe impurities,
broad range of works that may be performed using our machines.

Usage of cold milling machines

This type of equipment is most commonly used for milling on large surfaces, under tracks, wires or installations, as well as for the removal of layers that are difficult to wash-off.

The use of cold milling machines ensures short execution times of each service and the highest precision of finish.