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Grinding of concrete

Grinding of concrete is a treatment method that is usually applied after milling or shot blasting. Below, we will describe the service provided by our company.

What it entails?

The grinding of concrete floors or other road surfaces is performed with the use of professional machinery. Their goal is to remove the old layer and to smooth the surface by ripping away any irregularities, levelling grooves or removing protruding fragments. Surface grinding requires the use of a grinding medium, such as diamond or silicon carbide. The use of grinding allows for the achievement of various effects, depending on the preferred hardness.

Why choose grinding of concrete?

S-T-P’s use of appropriate tools makes it possible to utilize this treatment method in different locations, at standard conditions or on surface edges. Our machinery will be up to the task, no matter the condition of concrete floors at our customer’s site.


S-T-P performs grinding services not only to makes floors smoother. There are many other applications of this method. We extend our offer to customers who require:

  • levelling of road surfaces even at a few millimetres,
  • removal of old coatings, cement grout and markings from concrete floors,
  • surface smoothing after completion of other concrete treatment works,
  • base surface that is easy to maintain and visually appealing,
  • concrete floor preparation for further finishing works,
  • final surface finishing.

Advantages of the service

Surface grinding is an efficient way to achieve very good results characterized by:

  • high speed of works completion and effectiveness related to the use of this method,
  • minimal emission of dust due to the utilization of industrial vacuum cleaners,
  • preparation of a clean surface for further activities or final finishing works.