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Cobblestone shot blasting

Unsightly stains of paint, mortar, cement or oil on the paving around a building make the entire object look neglected. It is recommended to use the cobblestone shot blasting service to remove persistent impurities. The S-T-P team will quickly restore the appealing look of the property surroundings.

Why choose cobblestone shot blasting?

Under the influence of abrasive material on the surface, impurity particles are removed together with the top, worn-out coating. This way shot blasting of cobblestone reveals the undamaged layer below. What is the effect? The surface looks as good as on the day it was applied.

Advantages of shot blasting

Treatment services offered by S-T-P provide many advantages. By choosing our services, our customer will:

  • remove stains and unsightly marks, but also small imperfections,
  • achieve perfect condition of the surface without the need for costly replacement of cobblestone,
  • perform base surface renewal without causing dust emission.
  • Our professional equipment allows us to get the job done in no time — our customers do not have to wait for perfect surface quality.