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About S-T-P

If you are looking for a company to quickly and effectively restore concrete surfaces to excellent condition — S-T-P will rise to the challenge. We specialise in the treatment of concrete using various methods: from shot blasting and grinding, through planetary milling, to the use of cold milling machines. We choose our methods according to specific guidelines and the condition of the surface.

First of all safety

Concrete surface treatment is performed quickly and efficiently. We use professional machines and industrial vacuum cleaners, therefore we can ensure excellent service quality as well as execution that is safe for people and for the environment.

Experience on the Polish and international markets

S-T-P provides services both in Poland and abroad. Our services of concrete treatment using milling, shot blasting and grinding are available also to our customers from other countries. Quick service performance, qualified personnel and professional equipment all contribute to the constant expansion of our customer base. We invite you to join them!


We offer professional and comprehensive services for the treatment of concrete and of other surfaces.

We are experts in the fields of shot blasting, milling and grinding. We operate on the Polish and foreign markets. We obtain international orders through the work of our highly qualified employees with proper expertise and long-term experience in this industry. Thanks to our specialists we provide highest quality construction services.

We offer comprehensive services in the construction industry. Our business profile includes performance of installation and construction works in the fields of single- and multi-family housing as well as commercial development. We also perform construction works connected with treatment of floors and walls in public buildings, construction and industrial facilities as well as sports facilities.

  • We have our own logistics infrastructure at our disposal which includes the latest generation of technological equipment. We do not rent equipment from external companies, which significantly reduces the costs and improves the quality of provided services.
  • We provide professional consulting services.
  • We treat every order individually by appropriately selecting tools and work methodologies.
  • We issue a written guarantee for each executed work.
  • We have customer recommendations which we can demonstrate on request.
  • We issue VAT invoices.