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Asphalt shot blasting

Coarse road surface ensures good wheel traction and increases traffic safety. Asphalt shot blasting is used to achieve the most optimal road surface coarseness. By removing the polished layer of aggregate we increase the anti-slippage properties of the surface.
Asphalt shot blasting process is superior to alternative methods of road surface improvement, i.e. milling and washing. It is not only more efficient, but also produces longer lasting effects.

Advantages of S-T-P shot-blasting services

  • short service times — modern machinery and extensive experience allow us to reduce the time needed for road repair to a minimum,
  • uniform coarseness level along the entire road surface,
  • cleanliness — we use industrial vacuum cleaners, this way we do not leave any waste, aggregate or gum remains, we also minimize dust emissions,
  • positive visual effect — road surface is refreshed which improves its appearance.