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Planetary milling

Our company provides professional planetary milling services. These services ensure the highest degree of concrete surface smoothing which significantly facilitates and shortens the finishing works, such as filling or tile laying.

The use of professional machinery allows us to reduce dust emission to a minimum. After work, we leave the workplace clean and orderly — planetary milling is a process that does not generate waste. This way, after the service has been delivered subsequent works may commence and, what is more, they will require much less consumption of materials. This is due to the fact that the levelled surface requires a thinner levelling layer.

Advantages of planetary milling

The surface treatment service provided by our company brings the following advantages:

  • significant improvement in surface adhesiveness,
  • excellent levelling of concrete surfaces,
  • reduced finishing works duration and reduction of the quantity of required materials, e.g. for the levelling layer,
  • cleanliness and minimized dust emission,
  • standardization of the surface, including its roughness level — the flat surface has a uniform roughness on its entire area, which improves its slippage prevention properties.
  • accurate removal of old coatings and removal of cement wash, which decreases the risk of subsequent fall-off of paint, varnish or tiles.
  • use of modern machinery allows us to perform the service at express speeds.

We invite our customers to take advantage of our experience and professional equipment for planetary milling. You can trust our expertise!