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Our areas of expertise

We specialise in professional treatment of concrete surfaces, resin based coatings, etc.

Our services are intended for customers who operate in Poland and on the international markets. We have a proven record of trustworthy and reliable cooperation with our partners. Our methods of operation ensure that our clients want to work with us again. Our employees have many years of experience which guarantees the high quality of services we provide.

We use only the most innovative and up-to-date technologies for the treatment of concrete floors and of other coatings. These technologies include:

  • shot-blasting, for economical surface conditioning
  • milling, which constitutes a very precise treatment method
  • grinding, applied primarily at the final stage of construction works
  • hacking off concrete floors, tiles and resin coatings
  • measurement of surface adhesiveness and humidity – pull off

Shot blasting of concrete

Shot-blasting of concrete is an economical method of surface conditioning. It is usually the initial stage of works which allows for convenient painting, tile laying and other finishing works.

Grinding of concrete

Grinding of concrete is a solution used to complement the shot blasting and milling processes. In a small amount of time it provides a smooth surface which may be subsequently prepared for the application of paint or resin.

Milling of concrete

Milling of concrete is a treatment method that yields very precise results. It allows for obtaining surfaces with enhanced resistance and effectively clear of persistent impurities or damaged elements.

Planetary milling

Planetary milling is a process which should be used after each treatment of concrete. It removes surface irregularities and makes it more level. Surfaces prepared this way require a much thinner levelling layer, which means lower consumption of materials used for finishing works.

Usage of cold milling machines

Cold milling machines work perfectly in case of thick layers which are difficult to remove. These machines operate at a significant depth and leave a smooth and clean surface with excellent adhesiveness. Their accuracy is also noteworthy.

Shot blasting of steel

It is a process of cleaning steel with a special type of steel shot.
We perform bridge shot blasting, we also clean tanks and ship hulls.
Advanced equipment and a long-term experience in this industry allow us to precisely remove rust, dirt, dried oil and old paint coatings.
The elements prepared in this way are perfect for repainting.






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